sabor de almeria (taste of almeria or flavour of almeria)

we invite you to sample the culinary delights of almeria province, spain...through our exclusive spanish food tours

Sabor de Almeria has evolved over the last six years from being a business conducting professional food photography, to a publication house, to media production, through to a marketeer and promoter of hospitality businesses, i.e. bars and restaurants located in Almeria Province, Spain.

Along the way we are commissioned as consultants to help grow businesses or troubleshoot, to advise on social media issues including website development, and one of the more socially active tasks is to share the great food of Almeria Province with those who wish to attend our provincial food tours. In short, we have evolved to become specialists in food tourism.

Our core business will in future concentrate on food tours, organising food events, and consulting to the food tourism industry in respect of marketing and promotion.

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