quick spinach & cheese tostada

"...throwing a few things together from the fridge."

When it comes to wanting a quick snack you can't do too much better than throwing a few things together from the fridge. It's surprising what you can combine to make a really tasty snack...within literally only a few minutes. In this case, I was on a tight time deadline to be back out for a meeting. I can't say that my fridge is that well stocked but I am becoming more and more conscious about the need to eat more sensibly and more healthily even if I don't always eat as regularly as most people. Where I manage to let myself down is there is no set routine to my life whereby I clock-off at a given time every day, and I only eat when I'm hungry. Sure I know that food should be more to me than merely a fuel but right now food in my own home is purely a fuel. Food takes on a different role when I'm out and about visiting chefs, restaurants and reviewing for writing or photography.

Anyway, on this day I had some left over baguette (I'm trying to reduce the amount of bread I consume), some fresh spinach, and some rather subtle tasting (read 'fairly bland') semi soft Spanish cow's milk cheese Teta de Bruja (Witch's Tit/breast)/Tetilla (so called as it is shaped like a breast). The roasted pine nuts had been prepared for a dish the night before and there were a few remaining (far too costly to merely throw out), and the chives came from a plant in the kitchen.


As for a recipe for this...

  • Half a slice of baguette, toasted....and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil (Spanish of course).
  • Large handful of fresh spinach leaves dry cooked in a pan on the hob, (the water in the leaves will allow the spinach to wilt naturally -  add some salt and pepper if you wish whilst stirring to a wilted consistency.
  • Place the spinach on the baguette and top with slices of cheese - place under a hot grill for the cheese to melt.
  • Upon serving add the pine nuts (they can be cold) and a few clippings of chives.

To be honest it doesn't need much more explanation than that...the Teta de Bruja is an interesting cheese. In fact Spanish cheeses in general will make for a great series of interesting articles, so I'll soon be writing more about different Spanish cheeses and making comparisons with other cheeses from other parts of Europe in particular. Salud.