tostadas and more...

"Can you devise a better tostada?"

Can you devise a better topping for your tostada? If so write in and let me know....I'll feature the best and most creative offering, oh and it has to be inexpensive, healthy and tasty!

As you'll know from a previous blog post 'in favour of tostadas...' I have long been a fan of tostadas, bruschettas, crostinis and crostonis. This healthy option Spanish made tostada is an ideal snack at lunchtime or evening, and yes of course if you are that way inclined, for breakfast even. Half a crusty baguette, topped with grated tomato, a light goats cheese and avocado, this is one of my favourites. Sprinkled with freshly ground black pepper, and drizzled in olive oil, you'll not think twice about ordering one of these when you see it pass by en route to someone else's table. Is it as good as it looks? Yes, perhaps even better especially if you haven't eaten breakfast and you've just had a 1 km hike in 38 degrees heat. Just drop me, Steve Homer, a line via this website contact details and I'll review the recipes you have on offer....then I'll share the very best with my audience and promote via Facebook!