ruta de gastro-tapas...


another opportunity to sample special tapas...

Sabor de Almeria is playing host to another food event this February in Mojacar. A new Ruta de Gastro-Tapas is to be held on Mojacar Playa, South between Al Punto, the Brazilian Restaurant and Cocktail Bar El Sitio from Friday 22nd February to Sunday 24th February inclusive (LUNCHTIME ONLY). A small Opening Party will be held on the evening of Thursday 21st February at El Barrio Libre from 8.00 p.m. onwards with Paella on hand. Paella ONLY available by booking in advance. [Please message El Barrio Libre via their Facebook page].

The event is organised strictly by an independent business i.e. steve homer of who has no vested interest in any of the competing businesses and thereby no conflict of interest.

The Ruta de Gastro-Tapas is designed as a fun event to stimulate interest in tapas, food and drink in Mojacar and provide something of interest for visitors.

The voting is undertaken by the general public on each of the three days, and the final results for ALL three days will be announced on the Sunday evening at a venue to be determined. Voting slips will be made available at each of the participating bars on each day.

Voters won't have far to go to sample all the 'special' tapas (and any other fayre they wish), as all the establishments are about 100 metres apart. Ballot Boxes will be provided in all competing bars/restaurants for the voting. Voting slips will be available only in the competing bars.

The event takes place between 13.00 and 16.00 each day.

Voters MUST have tried the special tapas in each bar on the same day to vote. i.e. Fridays voting requires customers to have visited all four bars/restaurants and sampled all 'special' tapas for that day. Any voting slips with only one 'endorsement' by the competing bars will be declared NULL and void.

If there is any doubt in the Organiser's mind regarding the legitimacy of voting slips then the Organiser's has the right to cancel that vote. No argument is accepted and the Organiser's decision is final.

You will also note that the cost for the event (to the voting public) has been kept at a manageable and affordable level of 2€ per 'drink and tapa' - and therefore for all 12 tastings the entire cost is no more than a very reasonable 24.00€. To participate in previous tapas tours the cost was prohibitively expensive for many people.