tapas guides on your smartphone!


It's been a while in the development but now things are moving a pace. To those visitors to Spain, tapas and the customs surrounding such can be a complete mystery. So, we've decided to unravel the mystery and provide smartphone users with easy access to their own tapas guides, information, events and routes through this new mobile friendly site.

Of course there is more to the site than merely tapas, but for the next few months we are concentrating upon developing a series of tapas guides for a number of locations. We now have tapas guides live for the following regions

  • Tapas Guides for Almeria
  • Tapas Guides for Granada
  • Tapas Guides for Malaga

Shortly the following new tapas guides for smartphones will come on stream;

  • Tapas Guides for Cadiz
  • Tapas Guides for Cordoba
  • Tapas Guides for Huelva
  • Tapas Guides for Jaen
  • Tapas Guides for Seville

We have also decided in latter weeks to introduce a new series of tapas guides for Murcia Province - whilst not exactly an Andalucian province, Murcia is a close neighbour to Almeria and there will be shared business between the two centres. For this reason we have chosen to extend our guides to include a Tapas Guide for Murcia, involving a whole variety of tapas bars in Murcia and the province.

The new tapas guides can be accessed via and please bear with us whilst the team visit the thousands of establishments collecting the necessary information from those participating bars.

Whilst we have started with Almeria Province, we will be covering many other provinces in Andalucia.

For those bars wishing to participate you will be interested to know that on a conservative figure the tapas guides will be promoted to at least 500,000 people....and we anticipate that the true figure will be in excess of 1,200,000 (yes 1.2 million) people with the arrangements already set up and in place.

The English version of the tapas guide will be translated into Spanish....and consideration is being given to further languages.

Please be patient - those bars that have signed up will have active links to the maps - those that haven't signed up will disappear shortly. Please revisit and keep up to date via our Facebook pages... many thanks.