a welcome return to living....

with some really very special people...

You'll see from my blog that I have been remiss in posting everyday goings-on in the Spanish food scene. There's truly a reasonable excuse and explanation and I'm sure when you hear it you will forgive and forget, and merely pick up on the positive that I have finally found a brief minute to write something.......before my next client meeting.

Firstly, as you will see from the website I have been engaged on a big project in creating a series of new tapas guides for smartphones for the whole of mean feat in itself but of course these things just don't happen by themselves, so much of my time has been spent managing the project from top to bottom. When you understand that there are 3,000 tapas bars alone in Sevilla, you may get to understand the magnitude of the task in hand. It will take some time to complete, but progress is good.

Secondly, I still have regular contracts that need to be addressed over and above the tapas guides, and whilst not great earners are still important enough to continue. My life therefore has been one constant round of work, work, and work. No I'm not complaining but I can't recall the last time I had time to relax with friends and away from the cellphone, and laptop. There have been two such occasions this week however, and they are worthy of mentions. Ironically they were, in a direct and indirect way, associated with work as I never switch off entirely...but read on.

So unlike me I found I'd doubled booked my diary. A Gastro-Tapas Tour of Almeria and a visit from my British friends who run an excellent Bed & Breakfast establishment in France who arrived on the same day I was out of town.

Gastro-Tapas Tour

Whilst I'm not going to give away the secrets of the tour itself, I can safely say that i) the clients Sue and John seemed to enjoy the day and ii) I have made some wonderful and for me 'important' new friends....we bonded quickly when we discovered that not only are we all Welsh but Sue and John live within a mile or so of my parents and they frequent the village of my birth - where my parents still live. There was much reminiscing about life in that area, discussion on local mutual contacts/friends, good wine, good food and much banter. The fact that both Sue and John share my love for food and travel made, with an active interest in their subject matter, made this one the nicest days I have had for many a year.

Sadly, for the moment, this will however be my last guided tour, due to other business commitments, and what a most pleasurable way to end my 2 years of tours. I'm sure when business interests have consolidated then I could be persuaded to return to doing tours.....besides I have another angle on that within my projects so what this space. My sincere thanks to both Sue and John for their great company.....and I'm looking forward to seeing them on 'true home ground' when I next pay a family visit.

Dinner with friends

Laptop still in its case, cellphone left in the apartment on charge, I felt naked like a woman without a handbag. But I was determined to have a 'real' evening away from work...despite the fact I truly wanted to photograph the food at this restaurant. I'd previously read the menu and I knew this food was to be to my liking....I wasn't disappointed. La Lupe on Mojacar Playa (newly branded Mojacar, North Beach) is a little known fresh modern restaurant offering international, Mediterranean and Spanish food. The chef/owner Rodrigo, who is also a pro photographer with a background in the movie industry, is accomplished in the kitchen - the food is excellent and well presented (as I'd expect from a photographer). The Menu del Noche/Menu del Dia excellent value at 12.00 € including a drink (wine or beer). Of course, it was made even more special by the fact that my dear friends Simon and Caroline (previous neighbours of mine from my days living in southern France) kept the discussion alive, and the warmth offered by Rodrigo's wife as front of house, truly made this an evening of enjoyment. I was of course like an old frustrated (workaholic) pro, still disappointed that I didn't at least have my smartphone with me to take a few candid shots of the food. Perhaps another time....but then it wouldn't be the same.