re-launching the food odyssey

Ok - I have been a little re-miss! But I promise to put it right....

It's true to say that I have been a little remiss in keeping my blog up-to-date. I have good reason with which I won't bore you. However, following a review of my overall involvement in food, since arriving in Spain, I have recently decided that it is high time that I readjust my culinary life to partake in more active learning, writing, cooking, touring and of course, eating.

To say I am fortunate when it comes to gastronomy is an understatement. This area of Spain, Almeria, plays an important role in the production of some of the finest foods in Europe, if not the world, and enviably most is all on my doorstep. The general lack of marketing of food in this area by the Spanish is however both a positive and a negative for me. The negative is the impact on the local economy in so much as many people don't know about this area, and the area continues to be poor in comparison with other parts of Spain. The plus is that it provides me with the opportunity to share with anyone who cares to read, the beauty of the area along with the wonderful gastronomic delights that Almeria has to offer those who wish to visit. Of course I am not tied to Almeria and as time and commitments permit, then I shall happily extend my food odyssey to areas outside of my immediate vicinity. There is little structure within my life and I can't see this changing but I am determined to make a greater effort pursuing my passion of food. When challenged by family as to why I live in Spain, I ask them “Where else can I get fresh tomatoes for 50 cents a kilo?” - for me, Almeria province has almost everything, including its fair share of frustrations. The frustrations are however heavily outweighed by the positives that this micro-climate area offers.

I have a number of interesting projects already in the offing including two food books (yes, I don't like doing anything by halves so I am writing two at the same time!), along with more adventurous gastronomy tours both within and outside Spain. My involvement is not only with Spanish cuisine either as we have a wide range of culinary influences here, and forming tie-ups with food establishments in the UK and other European destinations is part of the excitement for 2015 and beyond. Who knows, maybe I will be able to encourage a TV chef friend of mine to visit from California too, in order to work on some interesting initiatives – to our mutual advantage.

For me, food is about enjoyment, health and celebration and not merely a fuel to get you to the next meal or next destination. Enjoy your life, enjoy your good health....and everything in moderation. Thanks for your continued support and come and join me on my new Food Odyssey.