adopt a spanish olive tree

Now you can own a little bit of Spain (that won't be demolished!)

As you'd expect there are literally hundreds of thousands if not millions of Olive Trees dotted around Europe. In particular there are many in France, Italy, Tunisia and Spain which generally dominate olive oil production, with Spain the largest olive oil producer and, in 2014, Tunisia in second spot. Poor weather took its toll on production in Spain, Italy and France in 2014, whilst Tunisia's output quadrupled. Italy is the largest import/exporter of olive oil and yes, curiously enough it imports olive oil from Spain....yes, it's true. I don't ask exactly what they do with it when it gets there....especially in terms of labelling!

So what does this have to do with Almeria you ask? Well apart from being home to one of the biggest exporters of olive oil in Castillo de Tabernas, Almeria proudly boasts that the 3rd best organic olive oil in the world comes from Almeria province, via producer Oro del Desierto, again in Tabernas. Not surprisingly Spain took more accolades at the New York International Olive Oil Awards than any other country. But that's not the whole story. All around Spain are small holdings of olive oil producers who make just enough for home consumption, or perhaps selling locally in a street market. Enter Angela De Fouw. Angela, a great friend of mine, is a Brit living in Almeria Province with her equally great Dutch husband Willem. As smallholders Angela and Willem grow their own olives for local production and consumption - they have 2,000 trees with more being planted. But untypically Spanish, Angela is also a successful and resourceful entrepreneur and she has cleverly established an excellent additional way to export her product and build her brand; by offering foodies all over the world the opportunity to own a little part of Spain through 'adopting an Olive Tree'. The brand name is QUERENCIA. (editor's note: and whilst the Spanish continue to demolish homes here in Spain they won't demolish the olive groves!)

Let me add at this point that the olive oil Angela produces, under the brand of Querencia, has been awarded a standard of approval by the local authorities as a quality 'Extra Virgin Olive Oil'  - that means 'it's extremely good quality and not your run of the mill stuff generally used for cooking!'

How do you go about adopting an Olive Tree via Querencia?

Adopting an olive tree is easy..and we have provided a link to Querencia directly below. But first, let me tell you what you get for your small outlay.....

As can be seen in the next image, the 'adopter' i.e. you (or your friends or family if you have given it as a gift), will receive a beautifully packaged showcase of

  • a 1 litre tin of the original Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • a decorative pouring bottle
  • an official certificate confirming your right to a tree on Angela's Olive Tree plantation
  • your right to renew your adoption agreement to include the oil, at a reduced cost
  • inclusion on a newsletter database that will keep you in touch with new initiatives coming out of Querencia
  • access to Querencia recipes using the olive oil
  • price includes postage and packaging

The Querencia Adopt an Olive Tree pack costs a mere £45.00 incl postage and packaging. (Don't worry, Querencia have a stock of packs already in the UK for swift delivery, so not all are being dispatched from Spain) Apart from allowing yourself to adopt a little bit of Spain the pack makes for a great gift for friends and/or family, and especially as a really unusual but practical Christmas gift. Who could resist? Click here to place your order and we'll ship one out to you within a day or so....

Tins are considered to be the best way to preserve oil and the second best is in dark glass, used normally for the table. The best preservation of olive oil is by keeping it in a dark place and not in direct sunlight, so you'll find all over the world that the serious oils are sold in tins and dark glass bottles. The plastic bottle oils that you find in super-markets are really for quick consumption normally through cooking.

Querencia Olive Oil is perfect for salads and pouring as a's distinctive taste lends itself perfectly to complimenting the fabulous Mediterranean vegetables that are grown in abundance in this area of southern Spain. Spaniards often just eat bread dipped in oil as an accompaniment to a meal such are the health benefits of real olive oil.

The natural deep yellow colour is indicative of good olive oil....and later we will give you some wonderful recipe ideas typical of how the local Spaniards use the olive oil here in Almeria. - Simplistic but delicious.

Place your order here - don't forget to tell Angela how many trees you want to adopt. Note: You can exchange emails regarding settlement of payment - as we deliberately do not have a payment service for this service on this website, and we'd prefer you to arrange directly with Querencia. Thanks.

And.....finally, should you want to know more or perhaps attend an Olive Oil Tour, visiting a local factory and museum culminating in a tasting followed by a typical lunch using the oil products, then please contact Steve Homer of Sabor de Almeria.