barbecue - tramontina style

I was introduced to The Bible of Barbecue by Tramontina about two years ago by Luc van Brand, a student from Holland working on internship in Spain. I was so amazed with this concept that I sort of wanted to keep it to myself, but now I believe it is high time to share it with my readers/viewers (as it's a video). Of course I realise that Tramontina is a Brazilian company and not from these parts of Spain, but none the less the creativity and awesomeness of this concept (I don't use the word awesome lightly) must be shared, and besides we carnivores all love a good barbecue...

Some of my clients and good friends specialise in barbecues and this book, The Bible of Barbecue is dedicated to you. Do enjoy and feel free to post a comment on here or on my Facebook page.