food odyssey

this is the rub...

I'm not a chef, I'm not a professional cook, and I don't even profess to be an expert in food or culinary matters. I'm a guy who after three years in Spain, mainly working on projects of a culinary nature, have put together some 'interesting work' (as others describe it) which is now drawing attention of people from the east coast of the USA, to The Philippines, and many points between.

I've therefore decided to move all my culinary and gastronomy involvement under one roof rather than have it spread about the internet, in a variety of unassociated and disjointed sites and locations which in themselves will be hard to brand individually. To me this makes perfect sense as my work has evolved year on year and people are now getting to know me by name rather than by my project brands.

It's rather a nice accolade to have recently been featured in the 'De Tapas con...' section of La Voz de Almeria provincial newspaper (a complete page and back page at that!) - as a friend and client said "You know Steve, in all the time I have been here, (40+ years) I can't recall La Voz ever featuring an expat before in that section. That's got to be a first and it's a credit to you!"

So now I feel the time is right to start developing my own brand, and business based around the work that I have so far progressed. With a following of about 3,500 people on Facebook alone and a growing number elsewhere, it is comforting to know that people truly are interested in the gastronomy of this area of Spain. Now of course I am looking to cast the net a bit wider and take in other areas and cities nearby. It's going to be fun and I'm sure some of you will join in the excitement and merriment. And, why not? You only live once!