With the success of the series of Tapas Guides on Smartphone, (which incidentally will continue to be updated on a daily basis), we have discovered a need for other travel guides of a similar nature. The team therefore are embarking on two new projects which will result in two further guides for smartphones.

The first of these new guides will be launched in the first quarter of 2014 in time for the new season. The other guide will be released as soon as possible.

Online Food Magazine

Comida de Almeria (Food of Almeria) was launched in July 2010 from my base in southern Spain.

Whilst originally it was first launched as a regular month publication, in both Spanish and English languages, in recent times as my work increased in other areas, the magazine took a backseat in my culinary world, the Spanish language was dropped and only the English version remains.

Now with the aid of a few like-minded people it has been decided to re-launch this online food magazine (again in dual language) and publish a limited number of 'higher quality' issues per year. We are looking to produce a Spring issue for 2014....but for now don't hold me to that deadline!

Naturally the magazine includes;

book reviews
wine review
> recipes and more

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