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I have been successfully conducting gastronomy tours for a while now, and there seems to be a growing interest in my work and tours. Previously they were promoted by word and mouth (always the best way) and via my profile in Facebook, but now there are a number of agencies involved in promoting these tours. The great aspect is I get to meet some really lovely people and spend time indulging in some of my favourite past-times, i.e. meeting and greeting, learning and eating. Never a day goes past when I haven't learnt something and I can happily say that the tours are one of the most enjoyable parts of my culinary work.

in addition, the demand for food tours has been so great that I have decided to branch out, take on a colleague/business partner, and expand the tours to include three, four, or five day food tours alongside the regular one day food tours. In time we will also be undertaking tours in other locations, namely Granada, Morocco, and we have recently been asked to source a tour of India.

In the meantime, we are concentrating on our beloved Almeria Province with a view to getting this area bedded in and just allowing you to enjoy that which we have been enjoying on a daily basis for many years.

In July 2016 we (actually Virginia on my behalf) played host to Zita Keeley of ZKP Productions in the USA who put out a TV programme through SKY whereby they travel the globe by cruise-ships and make TV documentaries about life within the cruise-ship and also a travelogue of the various destinations. Almeria was on the schedule and the following is a trailer for the programme.

Here are links to the tours we currently offer:

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